CivicRush is a white-labeled, cloud-hosted platform
to manage volunteering and community action in organizations of all types.

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Invite young professionals in your organization to demonstrate leadership

Involve your congregation in reaching out to the community

Form a city-wide portal for all agencies to solicit volunteers through


CivicRush matches volunteers with opportunities to create impact in the community.

Accurate Accounting

If your volunteer hours require verification, for example to count toward requirements for scouting, membership in greek organizations, or for other reasons, CivicRush will compile a report of your involvement that has been verified by the volunteer coordinator of the organizations you have served.

Financial Support for your favorite causes

CivicRush integrates with CivChoice for financial support for good causes. Payments by check, credit card, PayPal and though workplace giving make it easy to fund the causes you are passionate about.

Suggested Events

With knowledge of your areas of interests and the opportunities available, CivicRush will match you with the opportunities you are most likely to enjoy.

Solutions for teams

While even a single individual can create impact, it can be more fun with a team! Encourage cooperation, leadership, and a little bit of friendly competition among your friends.

Grassroots with minimal effort

Using new internet technologies and activating peer networks allows CivicRush to recruit advocates for your cause without adding additional overhead for your staff.